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Peter Blackford
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Through a fortuitous set of circumstances, I was introduced to the wire & cable business in 1978 and have been enjoying it ever since.  While it may at first consideration seem mundane for a WPI graduate, this is a business in which one can use a great portion of their technical education on a regular basis.  It’s natural to expect that electrical engineering would be useful, but this is where that comes together with mechanical engineering, chemistry (polymer- and other subsets as well), material science, metallurgy, mathematics, statistics… well, you get the idea.  This multidisciplinary application keeps things from being boring, and has found the years passing unbelievably quickly.

This reveals one ulterior motive in “spilling the beans” on this “stealth career”:  We need more engineering talent in this field!  If one is interested only in becoming a cube rat, wire & cable is not for you; but if your curiosity is broad-based and multi-scientific, then give me a call or visit our talent network website.

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Author: Peter Blackford