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Cable USA Facilities

By its very nature, research and development is a task that is never complete. Today’s accomplishments must yield to tomorrow’s expectations. Technical research leading to advancements in materials and manufacturing methods has marked the success of our R&D experts.  We created this resource page to help answer general technical questions.

Cable USA is an integrated facility which houses all engineering, manufacturing, quality control and administrative operations within two adjacent facilities.  We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

We also utilize our innovation technology center and numerous corporate owned laboratories.

Multiple Laboratories

  • Marmon EWC Innovation Center (16,000 Sq. ft.)

    • Flame Smoke Toxicity Test Chambers
    • Small Scale Compounding & Prototyping
    • Analytical Lab
    • Marmon Innovation

  • HV Laboratories (4,000 Sq. ft.)

    • 1600kV Impulse generator
    • 1000kV DC test set
    • 2600 amp current transformer
    • Marmon Innovation

  • MV Laboratories (7,000 Sq. ft.)

    • AEIC/ICEA Qualification Lab
    • Forensics Lab
    • Small Scale Compounding & Prototyping
    • Marmon Innovation

  • LV Laboratories (5,000 Sq. ft.)

  • Materials Laboratories

    • Gendon
  • Data Laboratories


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