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Standard Products

Low Temp Cables

For applications where higher temperature endurance is not needed, Cable USA offers a selection of flexible cable jackets including polyurethanes (very tough!) as well as Low-Smoke, Zero Halogen (LSZH) materials with temperature ratings from 80C through 125C.

150° C High Temperature Cables

The most popular material with this temperature rating is ETFE (aka Tefzel™). Not only is it excellent in chemical environments, it’s also very tough and functional at low temperatures down to -100C as well.

200° C High Temperature Cables

Several choices exist for 200C applications, including FEP Teflon™, Tefzel™ 750 (a higher-rated ETFE polymer), and silicone rubber. The fluoropolymers are highly chemical resistant as well as applicable in thinner walls to make them more affordable.

250° C High Temperature Cables

The preferred extrudable material for 250C applications is PFA, which (in addition to FEP attributes) is available in extremely long continuous lengths – differing in that regard from other 250/260C types of Teflon™. Also, mineral (mica/glass) insulated wire is also available at this rating, usually used for heater applications.

300° C High Temperature Cables

ECA™ extruded wire is now available for 300C applications, offering the same great chemical resistance and toughness as other fluoropolymers combined with the easy installation of an extruded wire.

450° C High Temperature Cables

For applications requiring temperature resistance up to 450C (and more), we offer high-performance mica/glass insulated products.  These are great for direct connection to heater elements and other extreme temperature environments.

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